Project Deliverables:


D1.1 ​ ► Plan for buoy deployments

D1.2-D1.3-1.4  ► Reference datasets

D2.1  ► Pre-processing methods for dual-polarized Sentinel-1 IW/EM and RADARSAT-2 ScanSAR images

D2.2 ​ ► Novel sea ice classification algorithms for SAR images

D3.1 Adjusted sea ice classification methodology to satellite altimeter data

D3.2  ► Retrieval methodology to retrieve applied WMO ice classes from RA data

D3.3  ► Comparison of sea ice type estimates from satellite radar altimetry and auxiliary sea ice type products

D3.4  ► Arctic sea ice type product from satellite altimetry

D5.1  ► Retrieval algorithm for albedo and melt pond fraction from Sentinel-3 observations

D5.2  ► Statistical relation between MPF-albedo and passive microwave brightness temperatures at frequencies 1.4 to 89GHz

D5.3  ► Limit of sea ice thickness determination from SMOS in onset of melt

D5.4  ► Influence of melt pond fraction on sea ice concentration retrieval

D6.1  ► Gridded product of SMOS and SMAP TB and uncertainties

D6.2  ► Gridded product of SMAP sigma-0 and uncertainties

D6.4  ► Report on SMOS and SMAP TB data quality and comparison

D6.3  ► Gridded product of sea ice thickness from SMOS and SMAP and uncertainties

D7.1  ► Uncertainty analysis of CryoSat-2 orbit data of the fast-delivery-mode data product

D8.1  ► Provision of new observational products for initialization (SMOS + CRYSAT2 thickness and along track sea ice concentration)


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